10 easy ways to boost your mood when you’re having a bad day

There are days when we are absolutely bossing life – ya know, when we’re wearing matching underwear and our eyebrows are on fleek and everything is just rosy. But, there are also days when we aren’t exactly killing it – where we stay in our PJ’s all day and leave bed for quite literally nothing other than to pee and collect our takeaway pizza from the front door. It happens to the best of us, but it’s not the end of the world.

All hope is not lost yet. When you have these days and you just can’t seem to shift the black cloud above your head, reach for your fail safe happy list. A list that contains all of the things are sure to make you feel a little better.

Devise a list of all of the things that you know will cheer you up instantly, and then on a crappy day you can work through the list (even if you don’t want to) and you’ll soon be back to your kick-ass self. But first, you need to create it. Here are some ideas to start you off…


Stop overthinking. Forget about that thing you did wrong last week. Let go of your grudges. Maybe journal for a little bit. Make a list of things that you are truly grateful for. Write down some of your goals. 


Create your own idea of a cosy haven. Hygge has become a really huge thing and it’s all about being super cosy and happy. So, that means blankets, scented candles, hot chocolate – anything that makes you happy.


Whiz round like a mad woman cleaning up and tidying away for ten minutes. You will get a sudden burst of energy and feel much more productive. Anyway, tidy room – tidy mind.


Grab your phone and reach out to a friend. You could catch up with a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while or you could rant away to your best mate. Either way, chatting away and bonding with a loved one lifts your spirits and like they always say, laughter is the best medicine.


Having something to look forward to is one the best feelings. Make plans with friends or loved ones or even just yourself to do something that you’ve been excited to do for a while. Fill the empty spaces in your diary with fun and exciting things to do and shake away all those bad feelings.


This is my go-to cheer up tactic. Do whatever takes your fancy, whether you sit and do your favourite make up look or it’s running yourself a bubble bath and lighting some candles. Whatever you do, make sure the main objective is to treat yourself. A little bit of  me-time works wonders to your mood and lowers your stress levels.



You may feel a bit silly to start with but give it a couple of minutes and you’ll be dancing your heart and just not giving a damn. It’s so much fun! Have you ever seen someone dance and not be smiling and laughing? It’s impossible! Give it a go and you’ll soon be laughing away.


Yes. Bed Yoga is a thing! It’s stupidly easy and a lot of fun – have a quick Google and find a quick routine to start you off. Everyone knows all about the benefits of exercise, so jump into bed and do some yoga!


Meditation can be done in many ways – there’s colouring books, mindfulness, breathing exercises. There is an array of choices so there is bound to be something that suits you! Just by simply being aware of your breathing can make a difference – it help fight away any stress and negative thoughts and encourages tranquillity and happiness. Give it a go!





  1. Hygge is so important! I bought my parents a book on Hygge for Christmas this year. Definitely going to get on the bed yoga too that sounds like so much fun! Do you ever feature your writing with any other sites at all?


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