52 ways to sneak some me-time into your day

I know I bang on about it an awful lot but I cannot stress enough how important setting aside some time for yourself is. Me time and self care is absolutely crucial for your happiness and emotional well-being. We spend so much of our lives making others happy and doing things for the benefit of the people around us and whilst that’s okay, we don’t spend anywhere near enough time on ourselves. Being selfish isn’t always a bad thing, sometimes is completely necessary.

Me-time doesn’t have to mean hours of pampering yourself (although I will not discourage this), you can simply slip a few minutes in here and there. Essentially, all you have do to is take a little bit of time for yourself, whether that’s just for some peace and quiet or to catch with a few chapters on your book – it’s time that you dedicate to yourself and only yourself. It’s surprisingly easy – I promise!

  1. Schedule it – make time for yourself
  2. Meditate
  3. Go to the library
  4. Take a class
  5. Wake up early
  6. Stop telling yourself you don’t have time
  7. Take an extended lunch break
  8. Make a ‘me-time’ list (like this one!)
  9. Simplify your stuff (any maybe your life too)
  10. Make the commute worthwhile (read, write in your journal, etc)
  11. Walk instead of driving
  12. Have a bath
  13. Make cleaning fun
  14. Read a chapter or two of your favourite book
  15. Get a manicure in your lunch break
  16. Listen to music
  17. Mindfulness
  18. Get a haircut
  19. Yoga
  20. Go for a walk in the woods
  21. Take the scenic route home
  22. Have an early night
  23. Go through your wardrobe and get rid of old clothes
  24. Go window shopping
  25. Wander around a charity shop
  26. Give your mum a call
  27. Skip making your bed
  28. Have a coffee
  29. Read your favourite blog
  30. Have a hot chocolate
  31. Write lists
  32. Establish a morning routine
  33. Cuddle your furbaby
  34. Colour
  35. Light a candle
  36.  Pay attention to your feelings
  37. Laugh
  38. Have a nap
  39. Free write in your journal
  40. Re-arrange your bedroom
  41. Stretch
  42. Put a face mask on
  43. Use your hot water bottle
  44. Make a list of your accomplishments
  45. Do absolutely nothing
  46. Watch an old favourite movie
  47. Write down and remind yourself of your favourite affirmations
  48. Change your bedsheets
  49. Put on some fluffy socks
  50. Give yourself a foot massage
  51. Listen to an uplifting playlist
  52. Have a glass of water




  1. Great read! I have been recognizing I need to take some moments for myself to keep going through the day in taking care of my family. Will have to try one of these from your list! Thanks!


  2. This is a great list (and a really great post!).
    Usually when you think of having some ‘me time’ you always convince yourself you’re too busy but it is so simple. Even sitting down and having a cup of your favourite coffee/tea is ‘me time’!
    I think everyone should make a little more time for themselves.

    Liked by 1 person

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