Valentine’s Wishlist

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching us I thought it was only fair that I tell the world what I would like to receive this year, ya know because I get SO many valentine’s gifts…

I’m absolutely loving Society6 at the moment, it’s basically an online shop full of individual artists work. There’s cushions, phone cases, prints, purses – literally anything. The designs are so sassy and indie and I absolutely love them so my wishlist is all from Society6 and like usual, I’ll link them all individually.


This is pretty much all I want from life …
Phone case – $28.00


I’m on the hunt for a decent travel mug because I have such a long commute to work and this has captured my heart!
Graphic Heart Travel Mug – $24


I’m loving anything marble at the moment and I just think this tote bag is so so pretty! The contrast between Marble and Coral is absolutely gorgeous.
Marble and Coral Tote Bag – $18


Ah, this is just fab in all honesty. It’s as much romance as I can handle, so buy me this for Valentine’s and I’ll be yours forever!
Small Purse – $14


Other than a box of chocolates or a bunch of flowers, I don’t think Valentine’s gifts should be soppy and lovey dovey because then for the rest of the year, they’re next to useless. Hence why this framed print is on my list, I’m in love!
Framed Print – $38


I know this is a Valentine’s wishlist but that doesn’t mean it has to be soppy!
Love Throw Pillow – $20




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