7 healthy morning habits for busy people

There are so many reasons why starting a morning routine is a good idea and riddled with health and well-being benefits and being a busy person is no excuse. I’ve written about morning routines in the past and I preach about them all the time because I just know that absolutely everyone can benefit from putting one in place. They help but you in a positive mindset and set you up properly for the rest of your day, and by including activities such as meditation or breathing exercises it helps boost your productivity and focus. It allows you to start your day a truly clear mind, helping you make the right choices for your day and improving your overall mental awareness throughout the day.

In one way or the other, we all have a busy and somewhat hectic life and I can just hear you now, ‘a morning routine sounds amazing but I hardly have enough time to finish my coffee in the morning!’, I’m not wrong – am I? I’ve written this post purely for you, to show you that a routine in the morning is indeed entirely possible. It’s all about time management and using your time effectively.

For me, my morning routine is something that I really look forward to and when I get round to starting my working day, I’m in the best mindset for it. I swear by my routine and without it I honestly don’t know what I would do, I would be a total mess.

I’m not going to go into my actual routine here because I’ve written about it before (in case you’re intrigued, here it is).


Daily Affirmations
Another one that I preach about SO much. I’ve written a load of posts about affirmations, I swear by them – they are extremely powerful and you can achieve so much by using them daily. The great thing about affirmations is that you can do them anywhere, you could do them in the shower or on the bus – so they don’t actually take up anytime you weren’t using anyway!

No Social Media
Don’t check social media until, at the earliest, 10am. I’ve set this task for myself, I tell myself I’ll just have a quick browse and then next thing, I’ve wasted over half an hour. Save it for your mid-morning break. Ignoring social media will help you focus and much more productive. The time you will be saving by not checking it can be used for something more useful such as a workout or yoga. 

No Sugar
Having a sugar free morning has so many benefits. By not having sugar in the morning you will notice that you don’t have as many cravings for it during the day and in turn avoiding sugar drops and making you feel more aware and focused. Your waistline will also thank you! 

This saves you time in the long run. By meditating, you clear your mind and de-stress thus making it easier for you deal with stressful situations without wasting time fretting about it. By incorporating meditation and mindfulness into your daily morning routine, you gain a better understanding of your true self and the ability to deal with being under pressure and stress. So yes, it may add a few minutes or so onto your morning but it’s worth it – I promise!

Use your commute wisely
If you have to get the train or the bus into work then don’t let that time to to waste. Most of my blog post or journal entries are written whilst I’m on the bus. Time is precious – I’m sure you already know that – and you need to make the most of it, so write your to-do list or work through some of your emails whilst you’re sat there. Or just use the time to collect your thoughts and prepare yourself for the day, just make sure you don’t waste the time.

Open the window
Just a cool breeze in the morning can wake your up better than your coffee and make you more productive. Take a few deep breaths of fresh air and wake your sleep organs up. It may seem simple, but breath is the easiest, most available resource to emotional and physical well being.

Listen to Music
Find an uplifting playlist or a podcast to put on whilst you’re making your breakfast or getting dressed, it will go a long way to lifting your mood and will help your creativity throughout the day. Soothing music can help you when you’re feeling stressed or can help you prepare for a super busy day.


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  1. I’m really trying to get up earlier and get some things done before work! It’s super hard when your bed is so comfy though! I would love to do yoga every morning! Thanks for sharing it’s really motivated me to try harder! xo


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