101 things to do when you’re bored and have no money

When you’re rushed off your feet and barely have time to think for yourself, all you want to do is be bored and idly wander around your house looking for things to do – and, vice versa. But, when you are bored, it’s infuriating. It’s amazing for the first 5 or so minutes and then it gets, well, boring. It’s even worse when you’re broke and can’t really afford to go out and do something, that’s like the worst combination. Not to worry – I’ve solved all of your problems! Below I present you with 101 things to when you’re broke and bored…

  1. Write in your journal
  2. Decorate your room
  3. Make brownies
  4. Try a Pinterest Craft (See my Board)
  5. Do some colouring
  6. Re-organise your bookshelf
  7. Re-arrange your furniture
  8. Bake bread
  9. Deep clean your house
  10. Listen to Podcasts
  11. Call up an old friend
  12. Analyse your dreams or start a dream journal
  13. Learn to mix your own cocktails
  14. Watch TED Talks
  15. Volunteer
  16. Give yourself a facial
  17. Wash your make-up brushes
  18. KonMari your home
  19. Re-arrange your wardrobe and sell/donate old clothes
  20. Start a new book series
  21. Free Write
  22. Give yourself a mani
  23. Learn to braid (or a new kind of braid)
  24. Try an ‘At Home’ work-out
  25. Do a puzzle
  26. Go for a bike ride
  27. Build a fort
  28. Find and write to a pen-pal
  29. Go for a countryside walk
  30. Get a haircut
  31. Update your CV/résumé
  32. Write a poem
  33. Draw something/practice your drawing
  34. Paint a mug
  35. Make yourself a coffee and go through the pile of magazines you’ve been meaning to read
  36. Practice Mindfulness
  37. Start a scrapbook
  38. Knit a blanket
  39. Review books on Goodreads
  40. Cook yourself your favourite meal
  41. Run yourself a bubble bath
  42. Start a movie marathon
  43. Make a new friend (virtual or IRL)
  44. Dye your hair
  45. Start writing your own novel
  46. Learn something new
  47. Fill out surveys online for money (Swagbucks is brilliant)
  48. Look up ways to make money online
  49. Do your make-up and take loads of selfies
  50. Start a blog (trust me, it’s great fun)
  51. Freshen up all of your fluffy blankets and put into too much fabric conditioner
  52. Play a board game
  53. Learn Origami
  54. Research and map out your family tree
  55. Make playdough
  56. Learn magic tricks
  57. Catch up on your favourite blog/YouTube channel
  58. Clean your fridge out
  59. Watch a documentary on Netflix
  60. Create your dream Playlist on Spotify
  61. Make cookies
  62. Go to the Library
  63. Go for an aimless drive
  64. Take a super hot and relaxing shower
  65. Light some candles
  66. Start a new boxset on Netflix (Gossip Girl is my fav at the mo)
  67. Make jelly
  68. Make use of your stale bread and go and feed the ducks
  69. Wash your car
  70. Hoover your house top to bottom
  71. Watch beauty tutorials and try it out yourself
  72. Do some yoga
  73. Create a bucket list
  74. (If you’re a blogger) bulk write a weeks worth of posts
  75. Make a wish-list
  76. Print out your favourite photos and put them in an album
  77. Tie-Dye a old plain t-shirt
  78. Write up your fav tried and tested recipes and make a recipe book
  79. Watch a few episodes of your favourite cartoon as a child
  80. Make a time capsule
  81. Go crazy on Pinterest for an hour
  82. Have breakfast for dinner
  83. Begin to learn a new language
  84. Practice your handwriting
  85. Make a smoothie (it doesn’t have to be healthy!)
  86. Make a To Be Read list
  87. Sing your heart out
  88. Make vision boards
  89. Make a photo wall in your bedroom
  90. Re-design and decorate your home office
  91. Make a new hobby
  92. Make a mix-tape for someone you love
  93. Empty out your coppers and count them
  94. Play with your furbaby
  95. Make a terrarium
  96. Make a gratitude list
  97. Refurbish old furniture – i.e give an old chest of drawers a new leash of life
  98. Have a nap
  99. Do your laundry
  100. Fly a kite
  101. Star gaze

It’s really not that difficult to think of something to do, although I’m impressed that I managed to think of over 100! Give a few of these a go and let me know how you on 🙂


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