How to create kick-ass goals and stick to them

Creating a goal is the first step you can take to being a success. Goals are so extremely important, they give you purpose and determination  – you need to set goals to fill you with motivation and give you drive. But you can’t just come up with goals willy nilly that have no meaning, you have to really want it otherwise you won’t have much hope in achieving it.

The whole idea of a goal is to turn your dreams into a reality. Unfortunately, you can’t do that without a little bit (well, crap tons) of hard work, dreams don’t come true overnight – the same as success doesn’t happen overnight. You need to want it more than anything and work harder than you ever have before. But, if you want it to happen enough, it won’t feel like work, it will feel natural and … it will be 100% worth it when you get there. I promise.

Either way, now is the time to start.


In order to make sure you’re staying on track and motivated, all goals need to have a deadline. Make sure it’s realistic otherwise you will just stress yourself out and it won’t happen, so make it reachable and don’t be too harsh on yourself.


To me, writing something down makes it seem more important and tangible. It sets it in my mind better and makes it harder to dismiss. Write your goal down on pretty paper and make it look lovely, put it in a frame and put it on your bedside table so it’s the first thing you see in the morning and the last thing at night. It will help you set your purpose for the day and will make sure that you take little steps towards your goal everyday.


It’s sounds very corny, but the sky is your limit! Part of having hopes and dreams means stepping outside of your comfort zone and striving to achieve more. You have to push yourself and challenge yourself but on the contrary you don’t want to set the metaphorical bar too high otherwise it will seem out of reach and you’ll put yourself off. Finding a healthy balance between setting yourself a challenge and setting yourself up to fail is absolutely crucial. But whatever you do, don’t put a limit on your dreams.


You’re a fool if you think the road to success is a straight one. There is always going to be bumps along the road – both big and small – and there are going to be moments where you want to give up and stop. You are going to trip up and make mistakes. Things aren’t going to always go your way and lots will seem out of your control. But, you know what? That’s brilliant. Without these trip ups and mistakes, you won’t learn anything and you won’t know how to better yourself. If your journey to success was an easy one, then I’m sorry but it won’t last. Challenges and problems are thrown your way to make you question how much you really want it because at the end of the day, nothing comes easy and to make something work then you need to work hard. So, I want you to see obstacles as a test but also a good thing.


If you’re looking for a sign, this is it. There is no better time to start working towards your dreams than right now. Tomorrow never comes and each time you tell yourself that you’ll start tomorrow is another day that you’re delaying your dream. The timing will never be perfect, something will always happen to make you think about waiting a little longer, nothing will ever be in the right place at the right time so bite the bullet and start right now.



  1. Good tips! Our family has tried a vision board to write our goals on and see everyday. I kind of like the frame by the bedside idea a bit better, is more of a consistent reminder. Thanks for these tips! And hope the best for your own goals as well!


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