5 mindfulness lifelines for when life hands you a shit sandwich

I think everyone has been dealt a crappy hand at least one point in their life and it really sucks. It leaves you feeling like retreating to your bed for a week and forgetting the world exists. Being completely swamped with negativity can be detrimental to your emotional well being and any progress you’ve made bettering yourself. It can feel like you’re back at square one and you have to start building everything you worked on, and that is a horrible daunting feeling.

I’ve had a few shit sandwiches myself and I can’t really say I’ve gotten any better at dealing with them but the one thing I have learned is that at these times, it’s absolutely essential to get back in touch with yourself and work out what you need to do to start kicking ass again.


Let yourself be vulnerable and reach out to your loved ones. Exposing yourself in that way is terrifying, I know, but it will be okay. The people you chose to open up to will appreciate it and they will be there to catch you. Surrounding yourself with people you love and trust when you’re having a tough time really helps.


Listen to your bod and give it what it needs – which is some love. I rant so much about self care but I honestly think it is one the most important aspect of emotional and physical well being. You don’t have to spend hours a day on yourself, just take a few minutes when you can and look after yourself.


Gain perspective on the situation by taking a few steps back. You need to be able to think clearly and think about what you, and only you, want and need to do. Give yourself some space and don’t pressurise yourself. You’ll get there soon enough, you just need some time.


Bottling it up and pretending everything is hunky dory is not being true to yourself and it’s not going to help anything. Be honest with yourself and your feelings. As soon as you realise and accept that you’re struggling, the sooner you can work to change that. Be true to yourself and your values and you’re half way there.


When things are a bit shitty it can be difficult to think about what’s going well. You get wrapped up in what’s going wrong and end up feeling more miserable than before. It’s important not to swallowed up by the negatives and try and remember even the smallest things that are going well. Try and snap yourself out of the negative spiralling thoughts and refocus on what you can be happy about and learn to recognise things that make you happy. There is always something to be grateful for.




  1. I love these tips, self care is so important for me but I often forget about it! I really like the other tips I’ll have to give it a go x


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