Pinterest: Bedroom Inspo

Earlier this week, I wrote a post all about my dream home office and I loved creating the post so much that I decided to start making more of them – today’s inspiration post is all about my bedroom dreams. Again, any excuse to waste time on Pinterest (it’s not really a waste of time though, is it???) and it was just so much fun to write. I’ve been thinking about re-decorating my bedroom for a while and I have so many different ideas and trying to choose and focus on just one idea is proving to be rather difficult. I’m fairly sure that I want to go with the luxurious yet cosy look, with elegant greys and pinks and huge knit blankets. Below is a few of my bedroom inspiration boards!

You can find my Bedroom Inspo board here.

PicMonkey Image1.jpg

Similar to my Home Office colour schemes and ideas, I would like to stick to quite a neutral and light colour scheme – so, greys, pinks, coppers, whites. I’m also completely in love with those super big knit blankets and I’ve saved a few tutorials on how to do it myself, so I just need to get my hands on some really thick wool and I’m good to go.

PicMonkey Image.jpg

I love the idea of storing nail varnishes in a done up photo frame, I think it’s genius and it looks really good. I’m also loving the idea of a naked wardrobe, it’s just a good way of making the room look more open. Also, having a comfy chair in the corner is a really nice touch!

PicMonkey Image2.jpg

Again, the chunky knit appears – I just love it! Again, everything here looks super cosy but still quite elegant and stylish. I would absolutely love to have hard flooring but unfortunately I don’t think that’s a possibility in my current apartment but one day! Either way, I want chunky knit blankets, oodles of throw pillows and lots of grey and pink tones.

What does your ideal bedroom look like?



  1. Loved this post Hun, I literally have a board on my Pinterest containing 99% of these pictures hahah! Great minds think alike and all that ✨ in so excited to see what you choose to have in your new room!! 🙂
    My latest blog post was actually a Pinterest decor picks post, shameless self promo I know ah cringe but it genuinely might be useful to you!



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