Pinterest: Kitchen Inspo

I’ve basically designed my entire home on Pinterest, I’m not even going to try and deny it. I’ve become slightly obsessed with my future homes decor recently and I’ve made so many inspiration boards so be prepared for many more posts like this.

You can find my Kitchen Inspo board here

Similarly to my last posts like this, I’m hooked on the idea of light and air, elegant and luxurious but also homely – with lots of lighting and indoor plants.

PicMonkey Image1.jpg

I love the idea of copper pots and pans and I really want my dream kitchen to have lots of cupboards and storage space. I love the idea of an island in the middle, I think it looks really elegant and marble worktops have stolen my heart.

PicMonkey Image.jpg

Again, lots of storage space, hanging plants and huge lights. I love every single one of thee kitchens and if I can find a way of combing features of each into one big kitchen, then that’s what I will do!




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