The February Edit


This month has been very busy for me in terms of blogging, and I’m loving every second of it! I started to monetize my wonderful little corner of the internet at the beginning of the month and I am now earning a passive income through my blog. How exciting is that?! Because of all of this, I’ve now found myself taking my blog a lot more seriously. It’s not like I didn’t take it serious before, but I am definitely treating it as more of a priority now that’s become more of a business than a hobby. I’ve started posted everyday which is hard work, but it’s worth it and it means I get to share more of my thoughts and ideas!

I still have what I would class as a small blog in terms of readership, but I’m so so proud of what it has become.

I’ve also hosted my first ever giveaway on Twitter as a celebration for hitting 4,000 Twitter followers – yay! It’s all Lush products, and they all smell so lovely and I kind of want to keep them for myself…
So, head on over to my Twitter, give me a follow and retweet my pinned tweet to enter my giveaway.

This month was also the beginning of my new therapy. I started DBT at the beginning of this month and it is my first go at a group therapy, which absolutely terrified me at first! But I had no reason to be nervous, everyone is just lovely and we’re already started to form a sort of family feeling – if that makes sense? It’s going so well and I’m so happy about it because I’ve finally found something that has the potential to make a real difference. We focus a lot on mindfulness and meditation and then also the theories behind social anxiety, anxiety in general, etc.. and I personally find it really interesting to learn why I actually get anxious and all the rest, like the physiological and biological reasons for a lot of my symptoms. I guess it validates a lot of my feelings because it shows me that they aren’t all ‘in my head’ and that there is a valid reason for all of this. So, either way – I’m really hopeful for it and I will give you an update in next month’s edit!

Now for this months favourites. I’ve fallen in love with so many items this month – I’ve done a big old clothing haul and have picked up a few little beauty essentials that quickly became lifelines to me!

**This post does contain affiliate links to support my blog, however all opinions are my own and I would never promote something I didn’t agree with**


Newlook Pink Blazer.jpg

Shell Pink Crepe Scuba Blazer – £24.99

I’ve desperately wanted a smart blazer type jacket for work and I saw this on the Newlook website and instantly fell in love. I find any excuse to wear it and I’ve found that it surprising goes with a quite a lot – but I tend to play it safe with a white shirt, jeans and boots.

Newlook black boots.jpg

Every girl needs a solid pair of black boots – they’re such a staple piece. I fell in love with the style of these boots, so much so that I bought them in Khaki as well. I love the gold zip, I think it looks really good against the black and again, they go with almost anything. 




They’re real! Lengthening Mascara – £20.50

In December, my sister and I went to London for a weekend retreat (it was amazing) and we went into Selfridge’s and I bought this mascara. Inevitably, I fell in love with it and have had to buy it again. I absolutely swear by this mascara, before I got my hands on it I was using 2 or 3 different mascaras at a time to try and achieve a look similar to this and now all I only ever have to use this.


Rimmel Fix and Protect Primer – £5.55

I’ve started buying the majority of my beauty products from Feel Unique because they are usually a little cheaper than the other shops. In Boots, this primer was £6.99 and I know that it’s not a huge difference, but it all adds up! Anyway, I’ve tried out a few primers in the last year or so and I can’t seem to find one that beats this one – it’s cheap and it works wonders on my skin. This is definitely a go-to for me!


Mindfulness and Meditation are definitely a favourite this month, and every month. I heavily involve mindfulness in my daily routine and I really do find it helps me massively! I’ve written loads about it on my blog, it’s something I am really quite quite passionate about.





  1. I love the benefit they’re real mascara! Always one of my staple make up items! I also want to keep up my mediation and mindfulness. I go through stages of being committed to it and then not, but I didn’t feel so much better for it when I take that time for myself 🙂 congrats on the income from the blog too, all sounds very exciting!


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